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University Solution

Universities Solutions bulid this program as a solution to help develop university education. The purpose of this solution is that the university is able to improve its quality therefore it is expected that the graduates can be well absorbed.

NIIT Inside Model Curriculum

PT CBD Indonesia is working with one of multinational companies named NIIT Limited of India who has become our partner in helping to provide curriculum for several areas of competence. This solutions we help facilitate the needs of the university through the alignment of the university curriculum therefore the graduates has an acceptable competence in the industry.

Training Inside Campus

Training Inside Campus is one of our programs to conduct training on campus. In this training we facilitate the training in accordance with the needs of students therefore they are able to improve their skills.

Solution Center Program

Solution Center Program is one of our programs providing solutions accordance with campus needs. When the campus has problems or needs in some areas, the Solution Center Program can be a reference to find the solutions that are needed. It is expected that this program can be well integrated in the campus therefore we are able to assist in facilitating the needs of the campus.